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2020 year in review

2020 year in review

Posted by Delphie Joy Dib-Milston on 31st Dec 2020

I had set the goal to get this website up by the end of 2020 and even if it's the last minute of 2020, I am going to get this live!

What better way to start than with a blog post recapping what was one of the most challenging years we have experienced.

My top nine posts as I see them to recap the year that was 2020... These images tell an accurate story of what 2020 was for me.
1. Heroes - acknowledging the devastating Australian bushfires that raged at the start of the year.
2. Surrender - the piece of lettering I created that still displays on my phone screen as a constant reminder that my control in the world in limited only to my reaction to events.
3. There is no script to life
- my favourite phrase. The words I live by. This will be finalised in 2021, I promise!
4. Run your own race - my reflection of my new juggle with my precious new 4th baby.
5. Resilience - this print has sold many times since its creation, the words I wrote tell a story of a new life in Covid 2020 and our space in uncertainty. You can find it for sale here in my store.
6. Each for equal - my winning entry in @typism book 6!
7. DelphieJoy - my official logo, visual identity and business cards for this little brand of mine! So proud of it’s becoming!
8. Market stall - Breastfeeding at my first market stall that I prepped for and attended with less than a weeks notice!
9. My biggest custom lettering commission - 125 personalised tote bags, with custom pattern, typeface and execution.

Many more moments occurred in between and I am so grateful and proud of what I’ve achieved. I’ve loved having you all along for the ride! Thank you.

I wonder what 2021 will have in store for us! ✌