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From Creative Rut to Curiously Confident *the* Play Workshop

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Are you ready to shift from that dreaded place of creative boredom, and emerge a curious and confident play maker! (insert butterfly vibes!)

  • This workshop will give you a tool box of ideas to support your creative play practice.
  • We will explore sensory inputs to identify how we create in a play environment.
  • You will be guided to use tested processes to encourage creative play in your day, work and life!
  • You will find new ways to explore, experiment and have fun!

I remember clearly, that pivitol moment in my life, I was in a *creative job* as a designer, but I was so far from creative with my work. I was struggling at home with 3 small children, running my business and just generally unhappy. I discovered I was missing "play". I was missing the joy of exploration, creating *just because*. I was missing using my *actual* hands...

That's when I started to play. And my whole world improved.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel panicked and stuck when you look at blank paper
  • You are bored with your work, or life in general and always looking for inspiration or distraction
  • You can't work out how to start when you want to do something creative
  • You loved playing as a child and have completely forgotten how to do it as an adult
  • You have a bunch of art supplies but can never get started using them
  • You want new ways to connect to yourself and your creative expression
  • You want to have fun, make things and find joy again!

This workshop will remind you why creative play is important, and why you are allowed to make small pockets of time to find joy in your life!

*****This is a digital product. On purchasing, you will be provided a PDF which has the link to the video on YouTube that is private.


Please contact me should you not be satisfied with this purchase.